Hoi! Kan ik je helpen?

(Hi! How may I help you?)

This ultimate online survival course is a fun and quick way to learn essential Dutch phrases and vocabulary for waiting staff. It will help you to be spot on in Dutch small talk, and gives you more insight in some of those odd Dutch customs.

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Language is wine upon the lips.

Virginia Woolf


Free starter
Check out our free online content and tickle your taste buds with some Dutch.

Starter deluxe
Can’t get enough of our free starter? Buy us a beer and get acces to more fun content: exercises, videos & a free downloadable cheat sheet you can hide behind the bar!

Main course
Appetite for more? Join one of our interactive online Zoom-classes. Put any amount in our tip jar and practice your Dutch with Lisa and Martje. We guarantee your customers will tip you later!

Meal deal
We also offer custom in-company trainings for your waiting staff online or at your bar or restaurant.
from €19,95 p.p.
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All our meals come with a healthy dose of love and enthusiasm