Alcohol Can Help You Speak A Foreign Language More Fluently

Maybe you’ve caught yourself speaking fluent French after a glass of bordeaux rouge? Ever started chit-chatting in Spanish after a cerveza? There’s actually scientific evidence that some alcohol might loosen your tongue…

People learning a new language sometimes find that alcohol — in moderation — helps them speak more fluently. That could make sense as a drink can lower inhibitions, which may make it easier for some people to overcome nervousness or hesitation.

But on the other hand, alcohol has also been shown to impair cognitive and motor functions, negatively affect memory and attention, and lead to overconfidence and inflated self-evaluations. 

So do people really speak non-native languages better after drinking, or is that just their liquid courage talking? To answer that question, British and Dutch researchers conducted an experiment, published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology ( And it turns out, people in the study really did speak more fluently after a low dose of alcohol — even when they didn’t think so themselves.

Read the entire article about this interesting fact here:

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